Not All Seeds Are The Same

In this segment, we will have a look at the 3 types of cannabis seeds and the benefits of each. CHECK OUT OUR SEED SELECTION. REGULAR SEEDS Regular seeds are produced by crossing a male plant with a female plant and can come in either male or female.With regular...

Identify Mould in Harvested Cannabis

The harvest is done! Curing should be taking that dried cannabis and turning it into quality, full rounded cannabis that you can be proud of. The stress of perfecting your grow is largely done. However, before you get too excited and start smoking the new harvest,...

Dry and Cure Cannabis

Hopefully this year’s harvest was plentiful and you have been left with loads of quality home-grown cannabis. Now comes another very important step of processing your cannabis; drying and curing. This process is critical to the health of your cannabis crop so that the...

Harvest Season

The nights have become cool, and the morning dew is heavy. We have watered, fed, nurtured, and protected the plants as much as we could have, and the diligence continues. Rain and morning dew is the challenge now. Searching out mold on the swollen, sticky buds needs...

Clone Cannabis Plants

Really like that cultivar you’re growing? Have you considered cloning your plants for the next grow? Cloning is a great method to duplicate your favourite grow as it ensures a consistent and reliable way to maintain quality you like, as the clones will share the same...

How Are Your Plants Looking?

Here we are, moving into the dog days of summer. The sun is high, rains are scarce, and the storms tend to pick up wind speed. Mother Nature will weed out the weak to reward the strong. Let’s look at what we can do, to provide some assurance that your plants can take...

Pest Management

Your plants are thriving, and you’ve been monitoring constantly to make sure nutrient and water levels are dialed in. Another very important item you need to watch out for; pests. Outdoor grows are very susceptible to environmental conditions, and one of those...

Determine Sex of Cannabis Plants

Now that your plant has started growing, it’s time to determine the sex of your plant. For those looking to grow THC flower, a female plant is needed. If making feminized seeds, or developing cultivars, then the male will be important. Typically cannabis consumers are...

How to Transplant Cannabis Seedling

The transplanting season will soon be among us. You’ve worked hard getting your seed ready for a successful grow, and now you have a sprout. What next? Assuming you have not planted your seed directly into soil, you will need to transplant your seedling from it’s...

Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you’re planning on starting your grow, now is the time to start! Once your plan is in place, the next step, and arguably one of the most important steps: germination. You spent good money on your seeds, so you want to maximize your success rate to get full yields....
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A knowledgeable and comfortable experience

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me

At our recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Richmond near Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, you can shop online for dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and beverages, oils, capsules, and accessories. We have all you can ever want online at your fingertips, and we respond promptly to your order. When you ask where to find a weed store near me, you can come to Gather and Grow at 6179 Perth St., Unit 220. Our COVID-19 protocols limit store capacity, and we require 2M distancing and face coverings when we open the store. It remains closed now, but we offer delivery services and curbside pickup to provide the most convenient access to our recreational Cannabis Dispensary.

Ottawa Dispensary
Ottawa Dispensary

What Do I Need to Do to Buy Cannabis?

The minimum age of 19 qualifies you to visit our recreational cannabis store. The Ontario Government’s rules prevent anyone younger from buying cannabis, and strict enforcement makes it possible. We welcome you to shop our online menu, select your favorite items and place an order. You can find dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and beverages, oils, capsules, and accessories for your shopping convenience. We notify you via email when we complete your order, and we require an ID and your payment when you pick it up. Our hours of operation let you reach us Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 12 to 5 Sunday. While our Ottawa dispensary remains closed now, we can promptly fill your orders and serve you with curbside pickup and delivery.

Where Can I Use My Recreational Cannabis?

The rules of common courtesy apply to areas where you can use cannabis. Allowable locations include your home and others’ private residences as well as designated smoking rooms in hotels and motels. You can smoke and vape in most outdoor public places such as parks and sidewalks. In some cases, you can use cannabis on parked or anchored boats and RVs if they have cooking and sleeping areas. You can find a list of places where you cannot use it here.

How Much Can I Buy?

A generous 30 grams or approximately 1 ounce of dried cannabis from our cannabis store gives you a choice of various equivalents. While it may seem small, it equals 5 grams of fresh cannabis or 15 grams of our edible products. In a liquid form, 70 grams amounts to the same amount as 30 dried grams. The highly concentrated solid or liquid 0.25 grams equates to 30 dried, and one cannabis plant seed gives you the same amount as well.

What Guidelines Apply to Cannabis Edibles and Beverages?

The legal use of edibles disqualifies them from containing nicotine or added alcohol. Other than that, a single package of edible cannabis products from our cannabis store may contain up to 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Plus, if the caffeine occurs naturally, such as in coffee, chocolate, or tea, it may have 30 milligrams. Our cannabis store offers soft chews in blueberry lavender, grapefruit and raspberry flavors, and many more in our chocolate line. You can find a selection of sparkling beverages that feature mango passionfruit CBD, sparkling grapefruit water, and sparkling lemon water. Our customers who prefer not to inhale smoke can enjoy our line of edibles and beverages.

Which Products Do Most People Prefer?

We find that customers who enjoy using cannabis in the traditional way prefer our flower and pre-rolls. Our extensive line of flower includes favorites that keep customers coming back, and we hope to please you with them too. Our Highly Dutch and Houseplant lines have dedicated followers, and the Edison product continues to satisfy. You can find sales that make shopping at our Ottawa dispensary always a pleasure. Our Ace Valley and Pure Sunfarms pre-rolls become favorites for many of our regular customers, and the Tweed line of products has loyal devotees too. Our concentrates eliminate everything except the straight cannabinoids and terpenes to provide the cleanest experience. We carry many vape cartridges from Ace Valley, Good Supply, and San Rafael, along with special flavors from Hexo, Sundial, and Wayfarer that may deserve your attention.

Why Do Cannabis Stores Call Themselves Dispensaries?

The old-fashioned name may come from the medical dispensaries that first sold cannabis. At our cannabis store, we do not sell anything but recreational products, and we have no connection to medical cannabis. When you say that you want to “find a weed shop near me,” you can find our Cannabis Dispensary in Richmond near Ottawa. We are retailers, and we welcome you to shop at our convenient location. When you place an order, we start to put it together immediately. We use your email address to let you know when we complete it. A drive-by to Gather and Grow at 6179 Perth St., Unit 220 allows us to provide curbside service for you, a check of your ID as we collect your payment.

Do You Have Any Recommendations for Newbies?

We agree with experts who recommend 10-15 mg if you have not used cannabis edibles before. A plan to take it easy and follow some suggestions can help you enjoy your first experience. You can prepare your stomach by eating something within a half-hour before you begin. Edibles do not produce an immediate effect, and you need to wait at least an hour for them to have an impact. Patience counts as an essential factor in your approach, and it pays off as you learn. Make sure to let at least three hours pass after your first dose before you dose again. You can expect a high that can last from 6-12 hours from ingesting edibles, and the possibility exists that proceeding without care can help cause you to eat too much.

Choosing Accessories to Enhance Experience

A favorite in our line of accessories in our Ottawa dispensary, the Ace Valley – Sativa 510 Thread Cartridge Starter Kit – 0.45g includes a rechargeable battery. The popular gelato strain gives it an enjoyable and potent formulation. When a friend asks you, “where can I find a weed shop near me,” you can suggest Gather & Grow at 6179 Perth St., Unit 220. The accessories in our Cannabis Dispensary give new customers a welcome introduction to our line of products.

Another preferred choice of our Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer by XVape – Black provides a discreet way to enjoy vapor on the go. With five temperature settings, it offers the precision that many customers prefer. The product includes everything you need for a complete experience of use and maintenance. We offer a Choice Leaf Medium Rolling Tray – Mint Palm that provides a smooth, flat surface to make rolling easier. Also, from Choice Leaf, we carry the pre-rolled cones that they produce by hand. As an alternative to tobacco for adult smokers who want something different, it offers an excellent choice. Each cone contains up to 2 grams. You can always expect something new to try in our extensive line of accessories.

How Do Sativa and Indica Differ?

Customers at our Ottawa dispensary give us their opinions about the effects of both species of cannabis, but the research does not provide support for the ideas. We provide the finest and highest quality products for our customers, and our site lists the content of each selection. However, the differences that we hear expressed most often indicate that Sativa works best for daytime use and Indica for night use. The reasons that support the opinions come from the energy boost, increase in focus, and lessening of depression that Sativa provides. On the other hand, the capacity of Indica to act as a sedative, stimulate appetite, and relieve pain makes it preferable for some customers.

The high that Indica produces seems flat and relaxing, but some customers find Sativa relaxing as well. The more common description of Sativa features its energizing capacity and enhancement of creativity. Our customers choose it to help prevent nausea and loss of appetite, headaches, and depression. Still, research does not provide support for the opinions that customers share with us.

Finding a Cannabis Dispensary Near You

Our online Ottawa dispensary makes ordering your favorite products easy and convenient. After you decide on your selections and place your order, we start putting it together for you. As soon as we complete it, we notify you at your email address and then look forward to welcoming you to our curbside. With an ID and payment, you can continue on your way promptly.