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Dry and Cure Cannabis

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Growers Corner

Hopefully this year’s harvest was plentiful and you have been left with loads of quality home-grown cannabis. Now comes another very important step of processing your cannabis; drying and curing. This process is critical to the health of your cannabis crop so that the moisture levels of the plant are reduced to their optimal levels.

When drying cannabis, you will be reducing the moisture levels in the plant, hopefully in order to avoid the development of any mould as well as reducing the chlorophyll levels. This process will ultimately improve taste and harshness of the bud while bringing out the subtle flavours, or “terpenes”, of your cannabis strain.

Once properly and fully dried, cannabis needs to be cured to unlock the full flavour and aroma of buds as they mature. Curing is normally done over a period of weeks in closed, glass containers, in order to protect the trichomes and prevent breakdown. Fighting the temptation to smoke the product will likely be the hardest part of this process, but patience is key in order to release the full potential of your bud.

For a great detailed breakdown on drying and curing, have a read of the following article; “Complete Drying & Curing Marijuana Guide” which discusses in detail how to best dry and cure your cannabis.

Happy Growing!