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Membership Questions

Why do you need my phone number?

Gather and Grow’s loyalty membership program requires a phone number as we will be using texting as primary communication for discounts and special offers. It also acts as your membership number so we can easily look you up in store when you visit to give you your points.

If you would rather not give your phone number, and would rather be emailed offers please contact us at

I am already subscribed to your newsletter, is that the same?

Quick answer, no. We are so grateful that you are subscribed to hear from us by our newsletter, we will continue to use it to update you on what is going on at the store monthly.

The membership program is more focused on specials going on and allowing you to collect points to apply to special offers.

If you aren’t already signed up for our newsletter, we’d appreciate you checking that out too, by clicking on the green subscribe button below.

How do I get points?

Easy, visit us instore and we’ll give you 5 points. You don’t even have to buy anything! Just stop in and say hi.

You can gather points on up to 2 visits (in person or online) per day. 

You can also gather points by shopping online. Place an order an order on our website and link your account during the checkout process to grow your wallet by 5 points.

How do I check my points balance?

You can view your points and offers by looking in your wallet.

QR Code for Wallet

You will receive a text with a link to access it. We recommend bookmarking your wallet once you have accessed it for easy access in the future. DO NOT share your wallet link with others. Gather and Grow is not responsible for lost points.

Wallet Sample

Sample Wallet

How do I use my points?


When checking out let our bud tender know you are a member. They will look you up using your phone number and your points should be applied within 24 hours.


When checking out, enter your phone number.enter phone graphic

it will automatically send you a text with a 4 digit code to verify it’s you.

4 digit code graphic

Once you enter it, your points balance and offers will show.